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Sweet Songster Songbook (Words Only) - The Sweet Songster was first compiled by Edward W. Billups in 1854. The original publisher was C.L. McConnell in Catlettsburg, KY. Later reprints can be found published by Arrowood Brothers of Wayne, West Virginia. The Sweet Songster is used by the Old Regular Baptist, United Baptist and some Primitive Baptist.

Pictured: The original copy of the Sweet Songster by Edward Billups.

Thomas Hymnal (Words Only) - The Thomas Hymnal was first compiled by E.D. Thomas in 1877. The original publisher was A.R. Baker in Indianapolis, Ind. Later reprints can be found by C.L. McConnell in Catlettsburg, KY. and the Arrowood Brothers of Wayne, West Virginia. The Thomas Hymnal is used by the Old Regular Baptist, United Baptist, and some Primitive Baptist.

Pictured: A reprint of The Thomas Hymnal by the Arrowood Brothers.

Ebenezer Selection (Words Only) - John Clark (November 29, 1758 - October 11, 1833) The Ebenezer song book was first published in 1857. Ebenezer was just one of the many songbooks used by the Primitive Baptist, along with the Lloyd Hymnal (Benjamin Lloyd) and the Baptist Hymn Book by Gilbert Beebe.

Pictured: The Ebenezer Selection of Hymns and Spiritual Songs. Fourth Edition 1859

Philadelphia: Jos. A. Speel

The Psalms of David and Hymns and Spiritual Songs (Words Only) - Isaac Watts D.D. (July 17, 1674 - November 25, 1748) Born in Southampton United Kingdom Isaac was a popular hymn writer. He was known as the "Father of English Hymnody" being credited for some 750 hymns. Many of his hymns are still used today.

Pictured: Original Psalms of David, Hymns and Spiritual Songs published in 1828 in Elizabeth-Town, New York printed and published by Elijah Booth. This is a "pocket hymnal" measuring 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 1

Christian Hymn Book (Words Only) - Alexander Campbell (September 12, 1788 - March 4, 1866). Baptized by Matthias Luce, a Baptist Minister in 1812. Alexander along with is father Thomas led the Brush Run congregation into the Redstone Baptist Association in 1813. On September 4, 1824 the Redstone Association declared non-fellowship with the Brush Run Church. Within a year they join the Mahoning Baptist Association, which later dissolves. By the early 183o's the Campbells along with B.W. Stone began what is known as the Church of Christ.

Pictured: Psalms, Hymns, Spiritual Songs Original and Selected. Compiled by A. Campbell, W. Scott, B.W. Stone, and J.T. Johnson. Elders of the Christian Church. Second Edition - Bethany, Virginia: Printed and published by A. Campbell 1854.

The Baptist Hymn Book (Words Only) - Gilbert Beebe (November 25, 1800 - May 15, 1881). Gilbert Beebe was the Founder and Editor of the Signs of the Times. Beebe was present at the Black Rock Address in Maryland September 28, 1832.

Pictured: The Baptist Hymn Book, comprising a large and choice selection of Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs adopted to the FAITH AND ORDER of the Old School, or Primitive Baptist in the United States of America. Carefully selected from various authors, and published by Gilbert Beebe. First Stereotype Edition 1858

The Brethren Hymn Book (Words Only) - James Quinter a German Baptist born in Philadelphia in 1816. He was the compiler of the Brethren Hymn Book, 1867. Also author of the book "Trine Immersion" 1886.

Pictured: A collection of Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs; suited to the various kinds of Christian worship; and especially designed for, and adapted to, The Fraternity of the Brethren.

Quinter & Brumbaugh Bros. Publishers 1877

A History of Regular Baptist - The Ancestors, Accessors, Minutes, Circular Letters, and Records of Various Associations we have Correspondence with. Including: New Salem, Union, Indian Bottom, Mud River, Sardis, Friendship, Kyova, Philadelphia, Thornton Union, and Northern New Salem.

Pictured: A History of Regular Baptist and their Ancestors and Accessors. Published by Rufus Perrigan in 1961, Haysi, Virginia.

Elkhorn Association of Baptist - (Organized June 25, 1785). Here is a list of churches of the Association in 1843. Clear Creek, Great Crossing, Bryant's, Stamping Ground, David's Fork, Mount Pleasant, Silas, Georgetown, Hartwood, 1st Baptist Church (Lexington) , African Church (Paris), Dry Run, Cane Run, Long Lick, East Hickman, Glen's Creek, Hillsborough, Mount Vernon, Versailles, Centre Ridge.

Pictured: Minutes of the Elkhorn Association of Baptist held at Hillsborough Meeting House, Woodford County, Kentucky. on the 2nd Saturday in August, 1843

The Baptist Catechism or Keach's Catechism - Benjamin Keach (February 29, 1640 - July 18, 1704). Born Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. Died London, United Kingdom.

About: A brief instruction in the principles of the Christian religion. Agreeable to the confession of faith put forth by upwards of an hundred congregations in Great Britain July 3, 1689, and adopted by the Philadelphia Baptist Association September 22, 1742.

Pictured: The Baptist Catechism commonly called Keach's Catechism.

Philadelphia: American Baptist Publication Society 1851

A History of the Kentucky Baptist - J.H. Spencer (September 9, 1826 - December 22, 1897) Born in Allen County, Kentucky and educated in a district school, and later attended Bethel College in Russellville, Ky. Prior to writing the History of Kentucky Baptist he had written "Biography of T.J. Fisher" in booklet form "Action on Baptism"

Pictured: A History of Kentucky Baptist from 1769-1885 including more than 800 biographical sketches in two volumes by J.H. Spencer. Original 1885

The Holy Bible -


Holy Bible: Plated; Holman's Edition containing the Old and New Testament translated out of The Original Tongues, and with The former translations diligently compared and revised. with complete Concordance. Embracing every passage of scripture in the largest editions, Apocrypha and Psalms.

Philadelphia: A.J. Holman & Co. 1881

Holy Bible: Plated with Clasp; Translated from The Latin Vulgate: diligently compared with The Hebrew, Greek, and Other Editions in various languages.

The Old Testament was first published by the English College at Douay, A.D. 1609

and the New Testament , by the English College at Rheims, A.D. 1582

New York: Thomas Kelly, publisher 1880