History of The Old Regular Baptist

   Here you will see two different theories on the History of the Old Regular Baptist. The first will be the history that you may find on-line, in Association Minutes, etc. The first theory, I will show that by historical dates they can not be true. The second theory, will follow up on the inaccurate information from the first theory. Many look for an arm to an Association, but here you will see it will be merely an ordained minister that will set up the churches through a ordained presbytery.oolbar.

First Theory:

Philadelphia Association organized in 1701 ..... Incorrect organized in 1707, The first Baptist church in Pennsylvania was the church at Pennepek , Henry Gregory pastor, organized by several persons from Radnorshire, Wales

The Philadelphia gave an "arm" and organized the Ketocton in 1766..... True

The Ketocton gave an "arm" and organized the Holston Association in 1783 ..... Incorrect Holston came through the Sandy Creek Association through some member churches and organized in 1786

The Holston Association in 1783 gave an "arm" and organized the South Elkhorn Association in 1784 ...... Incorrect the Holston organized in 1786 and the South Elkhorn "Church" not "Association" in 1783 three years before Holston Association was organized.

The South Elkhorn Association organized the South Kentucky Association in 1787, which become the North and South Districts in 1801..... Incorrect the South Elkhorn was only a "Church" and helped organize the Elkhorn Association

The North District gave an "arm" and organized the Burning Spring Association in 1813..... True

The Burning Spring Association gave an "arm" and organized the New Salem Association in 1825..... True

Second Theory:

Dr. John Clarke, from the church at Wales, came to America with four others, and organized a church at Rhode Island, Connecticut 1638.

Obadiah Holmes was ordained to the work of the ministry of Newport Church under Dr. John Clarke in 1651

Elder Valentine Wightman original membership at Newport Church, later North Kingston and Rehoboth Churches

Elder Valentine Wightman is pastor of a Baptist Church in Groton, North Kingston, Rhode Island 1705

Elder Valentine Wightman baptized and ordained Elder Wait Palmer in 1743

Elder Wait Palmer baptized and ordained Shubal Stearns in 1751.

Shubal Stearns moves to North Carolina from Virginia and organizes The Sandy Creek Association in 1758

Shubal Stearns baptized Dutton Lane in 1758 and ordained to the ministry in 1764

Dutton Lane organizes the Upper Spotsylvania Church in 1767

The Upper Spotsylvania Church in Virginia known as the traveling church (Craig's church) moves west to Gilbert's Creek, Lincoln County, KY 1781

Note: When the church left Spotsylvania it was a Separate Baptist Church, which included Lewis Craig, his brother Joseph Craig, and Joseph Bledsoe. Upon arriving at Gilbert's Creek it was known as Gilbert's Creek Church of Separate Baptist. In 1783 the church split into three parts, One part led by Lewis Craig moves to Lexington, KY and establishes the South Elkhorn Church and changes name from Separate to Regular Baptist. Joseph Bledsoe and Joseph Craig brother to Lewis Craig took another part of the church and moved about two miles up Gilbert's Creek they established the Gilbert's Creek Separate Baptist Church. The third part remained at the old location and changed the name from Separate to Regular Baptist and become part of the Elkhorn Association when it was organized.

Lewis Craig moves to Lexington, KY builds first Baptist "church" known as "South Elkhorn Church" in 1783

Members (Joseph Bledsoe) of the Gilbert's Creek Church helps organize the South Kentucky Association the first Friday in October, 1787 and the South Elkhorn Church (Lewis Craig) helps organize the Elkhorn Association on Saturday October 1, 1785.

The South Kentucky Association organized the North and South District Associations in 1801

The North District gives an "arm" and organized the Burning Spring Association in 1813

The Burning Spring Association gave an "arm" and organized the New Salem Association in 1825

    So looking at this succession, the Holston Association never had a part in the organization of any of the Old Regular Baptist Associations, nor did the South Elkhorn Church. But through the ordination of Dutton Lane through Shubal Stearns you could say that the Old Regular Baptist came through the Sandy Creek Association. Granting "arms" from other Associations did not occur until the South Kentucky Association organized and then split into two different Associations the North and South District Associations.


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