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Old Regular




Primitive Baptist Elders

Elder Daniel Parker (January 29, 1781 - December 3, 1844) Born in Culpepper, Virginia. Formed the Two-Seed-In-The-Spirit-Predestinarian Baptists. Daniel was against the "Mission" movement and in 1820 wrote a booklet titled "A Public Address to the Baptist Society, and Friends of Religion in General, on the Principle and Practice of the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions for the United States of America." This booklet was written twelve years prior to the "Black Rock Address" that was lead by Elder Gilbert Beebe. Daniel died in 1844 being 63 years of age and was buried in the Pilgrim Cemetery in Elkhart, Texas.

Elder Erasmus D. Thomas "E.D. Thomas" (November 13, 1821 - June 1897) Moderator of Danville Association of Regular Baptist.

Elder Thomas was born in Harrison Township, Fayette County Indiana. Married Mary G. Thompson March 16, 1843, daughter of Elder Wilson Thompson of the Regular Baptist Church. Elder Thomas joined the Regular Baptist Church in 1849 and in May of 1851 he was ordained to the ministry at Williams Creek Church Fayette County, Ind. He was Moderator of four churches being - Big Run, Mount Pleasant, Danville, and Palestine.

Elder Thomas was the compiler of the songbook "Thomas Hymnal" which was first published in Indianapolis by A.R. Baker in the year of 1877. The Thomas Hymnal is widely used by the Old Regular Baptist, United Baptist, and Primitive Baptist. Later reprints can be found by C.L. McConnell of Catlettsburg, KY and Arrowood Brothers in Wayne, West Virginia.

Photo Taken: The History of Hendricks County (Chicago: Interstate Publishing, 1885)

Primitive Baptist Churches

Sandlick (KY) Association

Philadelphia Church - 

The Philadelphia Church organized in 1907.

Photo Taken: December 2015

Independent Primitive Baptist Churches

Salem Church -

Photo Taken: March 2016

Goshen Church -

Goshen Church was organized on January 14, 1797.

Presbytery as follows: Elders Ambrose Dudley and Donald Holmes.

Photo Taken: April 2016

Primitive Baptist Church - 

The Primitive Baptist Church was organized May 28, 1904. It was an arm of the Goshen Church.

Presbytery as follows: J.J. Gilbert chosen Moderator pro-tem, J.C. Scobee, Clerk. Appointed William H. Crouse first Moderator.

Photo Taken: April 2016

Dissolved Primitive Baptist Churches

The Naomi Church - Formerly of the Spencer Association

Photo Taken: January 2016

Green River Church -

Sulphur Fork Church -

Photo Taken: May 2016