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Old Regular




United Baptist Elders

Elder Paul E. Turner (July 1899 - November 2, 1998) - Moderator of the Iron Hill Association of United Baptist.

Elder Paul Turner was a member of the Ohio Valley Church.

Pictured with his wife Vera Turner.

Elder Anderville Brown (February 25, 1857 - March 4 , 1946) - Elder in the Zion Association of United Baptist.

Elder Anderville Brown was a member of the Silver Creek Church.

Elder Alonzo Wright

United Baptist Churches

Paint Union Association

Burning Springs Church -

Burning Spring Church organized in 1810.

Photo Taken: March 2016

Union Church -

Union Church organized in 1805.

Photo Taken: March 2016

Litteral Fork Church -

Litteral Fork Church organized in 1889.

Photo Taken: March 2016

Paintsville Church -

Photo Taken: March 2016

Rocky Branch - 

State Road Fork Church -

State Road Fork Church organized in 1871.

Photo Taken: March 2016

Easter Church -

Photo Taken: March 2016

Little Paint Church -

Little Paint Church organized in 1876.

Photo Taken: March 2016

Fayette Chapel Church -

Photo taken: March 2016

East Fork Church -

Rockhouse Church -

New Hope Association

Indian Grave Branch - 

New Hope Church -

Cynthi-Ann Church -

Iron Hill Association

Martha Church - 

Sand Gap Church -

Ancient Christian Association

Lower Ball Church - 

Hindman Church -

Harvey Bend Church -

Lower Quicksand Church -

Union Bethlehem Association

Little Ella Church - 

Old Bethlehem Association

Echo Church -

Photo Taken: January 2017

Philadelphia Church -

The Philadelphia Church organized in 1937.

Photo Taken: January 2017

Old Zion Association

Big Elk Church -

New Friendship Church -

Independent United Baptist Churches

Zion Church -

The Zion Church organized in 1867.

Mt. Zion Church -

Former United Baptist Churches

Providence Church -

In January of 1781 Elders Robert Elkin and John Vivian, along with other Baptists from the Holston River formed themselves into a body, in order to carry on church discipline.

On September 28, 1781. The church became constituted by Lewis Craig and John Vivian. In 1790 the named changed from Howard's Creek to Providence. Some of the early members are: Daniel Boone, Squire Boone Jr., Samuel and Mary Boone. The church united with the North District Association in 1801. The North District would later become the grandmother of the New Salem Association of Old Regular Baptist and the Paint Union Association of United Baptist.